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Welcome to Technology Concepts

Technology is Constantly evolving. It's one to never stagnate. It's given us pacemakers and MRI scanners and even breast implants? From the age of telegrams to telephones to mobilephones, it's technology that has shaped our lives into what it is today. At technology concepts, we provide consultancy services to various research organizations, inventors and scientists alike.We help them focus on devising and concocting while we look after the business Front, ensuring that they get their due. Their intellectual property is safe-guarded and licensed out by us to various corporate users wanting to explore new knowledge.

Our Services



A research Organization has developed a new aspirin compound that is safer than the classic medicine.



A research organization has used the subtler concept of negative radiation pressure in light to move objects.

Semi Conductor & Material Science


World record in data transmission with the encoding of data at a rate of 26 terabits per second.

Core Business

Technology Concepts helps Making the Most Out of Your IPR

Retain ownership of your asset (IP) for defense, business changes, etc.

License into non-competing fields of use

Use licensees to discover possible new business areas of new applications for other assets

Grant-back to protect core business