Core Business Competencies

  • Technology Concepts helps Making the Most Out of Your IPR

  • Retain ownership of your asset (IP) for defense, business changes, etc.

  • License into non-competing fields of use

  • Use licensees to discover possible new business areas of new applications for other assets

  • Grant-back to protect core business

  • Sell unwanted IP/Portfolios without competition knowing your corporate plans or direction

  • Keeping "private strategies" private while monetizing none-strategic assets IP Royalty

  • Notable avoidance of litigation

  • Core competencies for licensing worldwide

  • Deep reach into many industries

  • Sales/Negotiation

  • Licensing operations

  • Contract Administration

  • Revenue and Compliance

  • Technical Patent Operations

  • Claims Construction for Markability / Detectability

  • Systems Architecture

  • Experienced in Systems Design to Commercialized Invention(s)